The Nature of Anything

Art is simply, the universe experiencing itself. Anything beyond that is an illusion married to a futility. Of course one cannot exist only in their mind, so these illusory and futile lexical memorized sound constructs are what create balance on a yin and yang sort of scale. I mean, honestly, what fun is a blank canvas? Your life is a canvas and each moment of every day becomes a poetic brush stroke of color and contrast. Create your reality and realize that every moment that we experience, can be a masterpiece in it's own rite. Photography is simply providing us with a somewhat tangible experience that assists our memory. Repeat your name many times until it begins to sound funny. Then pretend every word that you hear in your head as you read this sentence, has that same weird and funny kind of sound. Soon language becomes this weird lasagna of sound, it becomes a music that we are so deeply tuned to understanding. The same goes for light, and "I" absolutely love it.